Adweek PRNewser: Journalists Talk About Pitches That Worked For ‘Best Pitch I Ever Got’ 
Apr 30, 2015 

Let’s be honest here: most of the feedback that journalists share regarding the pitching process is negative. But what about pitches that worked? JB Communications of Los Angeles recently developed just such a project in the form of the blog Best Pitch I Ever Got … read the full article here.

Business 2 Community – The Future of Social Media: 25 Experts Share Their 2015 Predictions 
Dec 22, 2014 

Jasmine Bina, CEO Of J.B. Communications: “I think companies that are smart enough to find and reach their target audiences in niche social media sites will have big wins. It can feel like a risk to invest resources in a small, unproven social platform – but if your people are gathering there instead of Facebook or Twitter, then that’s where you need to be.” … read the full article here.

Examiner – Rick’s Picks: My favorite PR people in tech and more
Nov 18, 2014

In this month of thanks, I’m thankful for the three dozen of so tech PR people I work with throughout the year. They make my job easy and possible. […] Jasmine runs her own small PR firm, JB Communications and I have to think from my outsider perspective, she’s one of the emerging stars in sports and fitness tech PR” … read the full article here.


Inc. – 10 Common Mistakes on Twitter
Feb 27, 2013

As marketing expert Jasmine Bina from J.B. Communications ( notes […] “You’re missing out on a big opportunity to immediately communicate your personal brand to new and existing followers,” she says. “If your stream is empty or outdated, then, frankly, so is your brand” … read the full article here.


Read Write Web – Why Your Infographic Is Evil
Mar 21, 2012

“We are becoming numb to infographics. Not long ago, I saw infographics in my newsfeed as an informational ‘treat’ because I knew the author had used the medium only because it most effectively displayed the information,” said Jasmine Bina of JB Communications … read the full article here.


Orange Magazine – The New Generic
Nov 16, 2011

… says Bina, “It’s about owning your territory and never letting anyone get near—private labels that mainly compete on price have little recourse if you approach it that way.” … read the full article here.


Huffington Post – Work ‘On’ Your Small Business, Not ‘In’ It
Nov 4, 2011

Create a connection strategy: Jasmine Bina of JB Communications says conferences provide a great excuse for cold-calling people you’d otherwise have to get an introduction to. “Find the attendee and/or press lists and scan them for people you’d like to meet and get in front of… Read more here.


JBC Honored by the Social Media Society of New York
Sep 27, 2011

JB Communications President Jasmine Bina recently accepted an award recognizing her team’s work in exceptional social media marketing and branding. The Social Media Society recognizes the people behind great social media profiles and campaigns across the country, focusing on social innovation and development… More info here. – Pros Provide 14 Online PR No-Nos
Sep 7, 2011

“One-way messaging in online PR and social media is always a mistake. No one cares when you retweet a good review of your product or announce your newest charitable cause. At best, you’re speaking to the converted,” said Jasmine Bina of JB Communications… Read the entire article here.